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Let's maximise ballot returns

Fair Funding Now! ballot reminder

As reported in Members’ Newsflash 07-18 and Union Reps Updates 06-18 and 07-18, the QTU is supporting two important national campaigns, focused on school funding (Fair Funding Now!) and industrial relations (Change the Rules).

As many of you were involved and would be aware, we campaigned hard for six years from 2007 to 2013 to secure a sector-blind needs-based education funding system for this country through a combination of additional state and federal funding.

Queensland state schools, their teachers, principals and students have been robbed by the national system of education funding. The Abbott and Turnbull governments committed the crime, but Ministers can still repent and change their minds. The ALP has already and repeatedly promised to restore funding to the original total by adding $17 billion over the next 10 years.

Let’s break it down into dollars. In Queensland, across the state system there is $250 million in Gonski additional funding, which we know as Investing for Success (and previously as the Great Results Guarantee). Each school has an allocation, based on need, that you can identify at a school level. It pays for a range of things, including employment of additional teachers and teacher-aides. It is our money – money we won for state schools through our campaign.

If the Fair Funding Now! campaign is successful, you can DOUBLE that amount. Imagine what could be done to address need with those additional funds. If either yourself or your friends have not yet joined the campaign, I encourage you to do so.

I would like to thank all Reps who have held workplace meetings and submitted your ballot results in support of the Fair Funding Now! and Change the Rules campaigns.

For those of you who have not, this is a reminder that the ballot closes at 5pm on Friday 22 June. This ballot offers the profession an important opportunity to see all state school students get the resources they deserve. Union Reps can find ballot materials and further information here.

Recruitment is vital

The Union’s special membership offer to join now and enjoy FREE membership until July is still open

The number of QTU members and its membership density (the percentage of eligible teachers who join) is an important part of the QTU’s strength. It makes governments and departments pause and negotiate. It strengthens our negotiating position. It gives the teaching profession a democratic, representative and inclusive voice.

Every teacher and principal should have the voice and protection that QTU membership provides. Everybody who takes the benefits won by QTU members should contribute to winning them.

I encourage you to approach anyone in your workplace who is yet to join more than 45,000 of their colleagues in their Union and invite them to become a member during the June special offer period. Remember your union dues are tax deductable.

QCT ballot

The QTU is aware that the QCT has changed the voting process to allow each state school teacher only one vote in the online ballot to elect two state school practising teachers to the QCT board. This is a change to past practice and the QTU was not informed about this prior to sending out our Members Newsflash re: the ballot. The QTU has endorsed two candidates and encourages you to use your vote to support one of them. The QTU endorsed candidates are Natalie Clarke and Alota Lima.
Thank you to the many QTU members who have contacted the Union to voice their concern regarding this change to voting. The QTU has raised the issue with the QCT.

Queensland Tots & Tech Conference

The QTU represents the AEU on the board of the Australian Council of Children and Media (ACCM), which is organising a conference in Brisbane during the forthcoming school holidays. We would encourage early childhood teachers to consider attending this conference, which will be giving insights into the impact of technology on young children.

Register here 


 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union