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QTU endorses candidates in QCT board election

State school teachers and school leaders have an opportunity to elect two practicing teachers to represent them on the board of the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) in an online ballot opening on Friday.

In order to vote, you will require a voter access code (VAC) and your teacher registration number. Your VAC will be sent to you by email when the vote opens. For voter support, please call 1300 147 797 to speak to an operator or email

A third practicing teacher will also be elected by teachers and school leaders in the non-state sector.

Because of the importance of the college board and its capacity to make decisions which impact on the teaching profession, the QTU seeks expressions of interest from teachers who are nominating for the election and wish to be endorsed by the Union. On this occasion, the QTU is endorsing two current members of the QCT board: Alota Lima and Natalie Clarke.

To ensure that the interests of the 45,000 members of the QTU are represented, it is important that QTU members:
-      vote in the ballot
-      vote for one of the two candidates endorsed by the QTU.

Alota Lima and Natalie Clarke have demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that the decisions of the board take into account the professional, industrial and legal position of practicing teachers.

Alota Lima

Alota has been an elected member of the board of the QCT for the past six years and is currently Chair of the QCT Professional Standards Committee. She has a long history of Union involvement, including as a member of State Council and Area Council, a senior regional Rep and an active member of Professional Issues Committee. She is currently employed as a head of department (curriculum and junior secondary) at Dysart SHS in regional Queensland. She has more than 27 years of teaching experience in regional and city schools, across primary, secondary and TAFE, and in a range of socio-economic environments.

Natalie Clarke

Natalie is currently an elected member of the QCT board and Deputy Chair of the QCT Professional Standards Committee. She is also an elected member of the QTU Executive and represents Wynnum Branch on State Council and Area Council. She holds a number of elected positions within the QTU, including membership on the Professional Issues Committee and Women Teachers and Girls Education Committee. Natalie is a primary school teacher with eleven years’ experience. She has taught in Logan and now works at Manly State School.

The board

As the governing body of the Queensland College of Teachers, the role of the board is to:

  • decide the policies of the QCT
  • control the affairs of the QCT
  • carry out the functions of the QCT 
  • exercise the powers of the QCT.

The importance of the college

The Queensland College of Teachers has a vital role in Queensland education. It is responsible for:

  • the registration of all schools and all teachers employed in Queensland schools
  • the conditions for initial registration, including qualifications and personal suitability to teach
  • the requirements for ongoing registration, including continuing professional learning requirements, suspension and cancellation of registration of teachers whose conduct does not meet the standards required of the teaching profession
  • approval of initial teacher education courses as appropriate qualifications for Queensland teachers
  • promoting and upholding the standards of the teaching profession.

The QCT has also played an important role as the certifying authority for the pilot of highly accomplished teacher and lead teacher certification conducted in 2017/18.

The college is created by Queensland Government legislation, but it is not funded by the government. The college is funded by teacher registration fees, and it is vital that Queensland teachers and school leaders have an effective say in its decisions. One of the hallmarks of professions is that they regulate themselves, and particularly the standards for entry and continuation in the profession. The college board consists of 15 people, of whom only nine are required to be practicing teachers. It is hugely important that the teachers on the board work collaboratively to ensure that the decisions of the college are made in the best interests of registered teachers and the teaching profession.

Teacher unions and the college

The QTU and the Independent Education Union (IEU) are the most democratic and representative voices of the teaching profession in the state. Issues relating to teacher professionalism and registration have long been at the core of the deliberations of the QTU and IEU. By electing QTU endorsed candidates, you’ll help to ensure that democratically determined views on the future of the college and the teaching profession are reflected in the deliberations and decisions of the college.

It is vital that you vote in the election. It is very important that QTU members participate in this important ballot. The Queensland Teachers’ Union never wants to see low turn-out used as a reason to undermine the concept of a representative board.

Several QTU members are candidates in this election. However, Alota and Natalie have a proven track record as members contributing to the current board and have demonstrated that they can work effectively with the nominees of the QTU (Perry Anderson) and the IEU to ensure the views of Queensland teachers are reflected in college deliberations.

Each registered state school teacher only gets ONE vote.

It is important that your vote is cast for either Alota Lima or Natalie Clarke.

The ballot will remain open for 22 days, from 25 May to 15 June. Make sure your vote counts.

Public Education Day

Tomorrow is Public Education Day, a day we celebrate the critical role that state education has played in building our nation. We are proud of all that our state education has achieved over many years.

It’s also a day where we need to stand up for the role that state education plays today and in the future. We’re inviting you to join our “Fair Funding Now” campaign that seeks to stand up for our state schools.

Please join us by visiting our website here:

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union