EB implementation: a QTU guide

Back to basics, for QTU Reps and school leaders

Are class size targets enforceable? What can non-contact time be used for? Which issues need to be considered by my LCC? This guide answers all these questions and many more.

The 2016 certified agreement included several positive changes, and this guide has been created to explain how these will impact at the school level and how members can maximise their effectiveness. It is all very well having great agreements, but they are worthless unless they are implemented properly.

This guide takes us back to basics, presenting simple, straight-forward guides to the working conditions of all teachers and school leaders, and drilling down to those that apply specifically to classroom teachers, HOCs, specialist teachers, HOSESs and teacher-librarians in primary and secondary schools, and classroom teachers, heads of department and HOSESs in secondary school, as well teaching principals.

We also see how consultation should work and unpack the award, the certified agreement and the joint statements to see how they impact on class sizes, staff meetings, non-contact time, the LCC, collegial engagement and the use and collection of data.

To access this guide, click on the image to the right (you will need your QTU membership number and password).