Timetabling: a QTU guide

Issues for teachers in Queensland schools

What are your basic entitlements? Can your teaching hours or break times be changed? How does non-contact time work? This guide answers all these questions and many more.

Taking the basic entitlements of a full-time teacher as our starting point, we then focus on the requirements for meal breaks for full full and part-time teachers and bus and playground duty. We then examine the hours of duty and the allocation of duties for a range of educators (primary/special school classroom teachers, primary/special school specialist teachers, primary/special school heads of curriculum, primary/special school heads of special education services, secondary classroom teachers, scondary heads of department, secondary heads of special education services, and instrumental music teachers).

The guide also contains the relevant award and certified agreement clauses for matters related to hours of work.

To access the guide, click on the image on the right (you will need your QTU membership number and password).