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Queensland Teachers' Journal

July 2017

Editorial: Celebrate the past, plan the future

The QTU Biennial Conference in the school holidays was a great celebration of the past two years, and set the outlines for the future.

Remembering the 1957 Palm Island strike

On 9 June, members of the QCU and ACTU joined with the people of Palm Island for the first Indigenous Workers Conference, part of the celebrations for 60th anniversary of the Palm Island Strike 57.

PPL safe at last

Expecting parents and Australian families finally have some certainty over the Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave scheme (CPPL).

2017 QCU Congress

The Triennial Congress of the Queensland Council of Unions has decided that secure jobs will be its key battleground during the forthcoming state election.

From the President: What a difference a little understanding makes

The ALP announcement of a new policy on education in the 2015 election period was met with scepticism. More than two years later, the Palaszczuk government has delivered.

School funding: where to now?

The Turnbull school funding plan has been transformed into a “Frankenstein’s monster” by recent decisions of the Senate to amend the Australian Education Act.

From the VP: It’s about time...

To say that money doesn't matter is ignorant and offensive to the thousands of teachers frustrated at what they know could be a reality in their classrooms and schools if they were supported to make it happen.

Promotional Positions Classification Review latest

Due to the significance of the Promotional Positions Classification Review (PPCR), there will be extensive consultation and opportunities for groups and individuals to provide submissions and raise issues.

Staying well: the next phase of the war on workload

The next stage in the QTU’s battle against excessive workload has begun, with the launch of the “Staying Well: Working Together on Workload” campaign.

State Budget 2017: Education prioritised with plans for the future

The Palaszczuk government’s third State Budget, handed down on 13 June, demonstrates a clear commitment to the future of public education in Queensland.

Reprieve for eKindy program

The success of the AEU’s Protect our Preschools campaign is good news for kindy kids across the state, not least those in remote and rural locations.

EB implementation update

The latest on EB implementation, including the pilot for highly accomplished and lead teachers, reviews of senior and experienced senior teacher, paid internships, review of the transfer system, and remote area incentives.

Conference 2017: Summary

Hundreds of elected delegates from all over Queensland have given up the first three days of their holidays to take part in the 112th QTU Biennial Conference - "Where Industrial meets Professional".

Conference 2017: G. A. Daughtrey Art Bequest

This year's art piece is a song, "Voices Rising".

Conference 2017: Concurrent sessions

On the second day, Conference broke into a range of concurrent sessions, with many focusing on elements of the QTU's new member wellbeing strategy.

Conference 2017: Campaign Action Awards

At every Biennial Conference, Campaign Action Awards are presented to campaigns that prove what QTU members can achieve in their workplaces.

Conference 2017: A lifetime of contribution

As usual, the Biennial Conference provided an opportunity to recognise the extraordinary careers of some of the Union’s most dedicated activists through the presentation of Life Membership.

100 reasons to be #QTUProud

On this poster, members explain why they are proud to belong to their Union. Why are you #QTUProud?


Sick leave / non-contact time

National TAFE Day

This year’s official National TAFE Day celebration took place on 13 June, and QTU TAFE branches across the state celebrated the success of TAFE in providing the skills and knowledge required in a growing, evolving economy.

TAFE Programming dispute pro forma

The 2016 TAFE Educators Certified Agreement is specific in emphasising the professionalism of TAFE teachers.

The Queensland Community Alliance: help make a difference

The Queensland Community Alliance (QCA) was created to provide an opportunity for unions, faith groups, ethnic and community associations to build people-power on issues that we share in common.

Legal: Are you ready for your close up?

If a teacher has refused permission for their image to be used, would that prevent the school from using the image?