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QTU March State Council

10 March 2018

At the QTU March State Council, the 120 elected QTU members, all teachers and principals from schools and TAFE across the state, debated critical education issues such as NAPLAN, curriculum, assessment, school funding, issues for principals, bullying and the outcomes from the state election campaign.

A presentation by new Education Minister, Grace Grace, provided a great snapshot of the state government’s agenda on education. The Minister outlined the government’s strong stand on NAPLAN, including being the first government to call for a review and intentions to push back against the federal government’s attempts to impose its education agenda on state schools through forthcoming funding negotiations. The QTU will be returned to the board of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority within weeks through a casual vacancy, which will ensure a representative teacher voice in this crucial professional area. Following strong advocacy from the QTU, the future of Independent Public Schools (IPS) will be determined following an evaluation to be completed by the middle of 2018. The QTU has already written to the Minister urging her to terminate the IPS program. The Minister also committed to an update of school uniform policies to ensure that all schools provide an option for shorts and pants for girls.

In addition, March QTU State Council has endorsed motions of solidarity on diverse issues.

  • The teachers of West Virginia, who had to go on strike for more than a week to win a 5 per cent wage rise, their first in years.
  • Teacher union members in Nova Scotia, where the provincial legislature is banning principals from belonging to their union.
  • The students of the United States who have led a campaign to bring about gun control so that they can go to school without fear of mass shootings.
  • The Palestinian children being detained and tried by military courts in Israel.
  • Australian union members being attacked by an anti-worker Turnbull government.

In engaging in the national campaign to change the rules in the current industrial relations system, the QTU will be offering members a sticker displaying the QTU logo and the Eureka flag. The Eureka stockade and the flag that became its symbol is quintessentially Australian and integral to the birth of our democracy and the labour movement. The flag belongs to all Australians and any government that attempts to ban such symbols deserves to be called out.

Contact your local Organiser to get your sticker.

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