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Applying for part-time

Many teachers will consider going part-time at some point during their career, particularly after having children, but how exactly do you go about applying?

It is a commonly held misconception that applications for part-time are handled under the transfer system. This is not the case. Applications are actually dealt with through your school.

For all applications to work part-time, it is crucial to apply in writing and it is advisable to fill out the department’s part-time teaching application form. Read the form carefully, fill it in and submit it to your principal. 

It is recommended that you keep a hard copy of your request. As negotiations may be required in relation to fractions, days and pattern of work, it is important to keep hard copies of emails and any amended forms for reference and record-keeping purposes. 

If you are seeking to work part-time to continue to be your child’s primary caregiver, it is important that you state this in your application. 

The IR Act states that the department must not unreasonably refuse an application; and where an application is refused, written reasons must be provided. 

For more information, read the QTU’s “Permanent part-time teaching” brochure at

Uploaded 23 May 2018