Workload Wednesday

Day 8 advice

With Day 8 upon us, now is the time to ensure that class sizes at your school do not exceed the class size targets set out in the Certified Agreement. The Certified Agreement states “Classes in excess of these maximum target sizes should only occur in exceptional circumstances.” In such exceptional circumstances staff must be consulted. A new enrolment, post Day 8, does not constitute an ‘exceptional circumstance.’

The class sizes within schools should be:

Prep - 3, 11-12………………… 25 students per class
Years 4-10 ……………………… 28 students per class

The class size target for composite classes are informed by the relevant year level target.Where composite classes exist across cohorts (e.g. year 3/4) the class size target would be the lower cohort target.

Class size targets should be exceeded only in exceptional circumstances, and only after consultation with teachers. A quid pro quo concerning other workload is often provided.

If you have any further questions, contact QTAD or your Regional Organiser.

Uploaded 31 January 2018