Workload Wednesday

Girls' uniform

During Queensland Women’s Week, we are trying to build a Queensland that embraces gender equality and protects the rights of all women. Of course, that applies as much to our students as ourselves and our colleagues.

There are still many schools across Queensland in which young women are denied the option of wearing shorts or pants to school. In the world beyond school, there are very few workplaces or occasions where women do not have uniform options that don’t discriminate.
Western Australia and Victoria have recently announced that state schools will be required to adopt a uniform policy that offers choice for girls. Why not Queensland?

The QTU is seeking changes to departmental policy so that rather than “encouraging” school communities to have a “gender neutral” uniform option available, schools would be required to put in place a non-discriminatory uniform policy by adding the choice of pants and/or shorts for both formal and sports uniform, if it is not already an option. 

For more information, visit, and if you have a story to share about your own experiences of school uniforms as a student, dress requirements as a teacher, or the way that your school has (or has not) offered the choice of pants or shorts to girls, send them to

Uploaded 7 March 2018