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Industrial Relations Education Leave

Today's topic: IRE leave. Across the year the QTU often receives enquiries about access to and funding of Industrial Relations Education (IRE) leave.

IRE leave with pay was awarded by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) in February 1997. This type of paid leave is designed so that union representatives can acquire knowledge and competencies in industrial relations so they can effectively participate in consultative structures and perform their representative role.

Current entitlements are embedded in Clause 33 of the State Education Award – State 2016 and include access to up to 5 working days (or equivalent hours) paid time off per calendar year. Since 2004, TRS days for IRE leave have been debited from the school’s TRS allocation, as they now fall under the TRS “S” category.

The Union conducts a range of training courses across the year through the Queensland Teachers’ Education Centre (QTEC). These courses are advertised on the QTU website and regularly in Regional Organiser newsletters.

If you wish to attend a QTU training day, get the relevant QTEC course application form signed by your principal. For the latest training schedule click here

More information about IRE leave can be found in the QTU brochure at

Uploaded 25 July 2018