Workload Wednesday

Managing student absences

The collection and management of data on student absences, including following up student absences with parents and care-givers, are captured by the Joint Statement on the Purpose and Use of Data (…/det-qtu-joint-statement-purpose-a…/).

There are two critical statements to note.

  1. Schools are required to maintain data that relates to student outcomes, such as academic, attendance, behavioural and student wellbeing. Processes and resources to collect, record and follow up such data should be negotiated, outlined and included in the school's data plan.
  2. It is the expectation of the DoE and the QTU that workload considerations will be assessed at each school and addressed through the school data plan.

In addition to the joint statement, the QTU has adopted a specific position statement on this issue. QTU members should be aware that the Union’s position in respect of data on student absence is that the teacher’s role is limited to monitoring attendance via class roll marking.

Classroom teachers should not be required to call parents/caregivers seeking an explanation for periods of student absence.


Uploaded 27 June 2018