Workload Wednesday

Meals breaks and playground duty

The award and certified agreement state that a full-time teacher is entitled to 225 minutes of uninterrupted meal breaks each week. A teacher working a reduced fraction will have their meal breaks calculated on a pro-rata basis, i.e. 0.6 x 225 minutes = 135 minutes.

Whether the minimum period of uninterrupted meal break per day is 45 minutes or 30 minutes will depend on whether your school has considered changing the length of the meal breaks through the LCC.

In addition to these uninterrupted meal breaks, teachers are entitled to a 10-minute rest/pause each day. This should be provided in a break separate to the time allocated for the meal break and cannot be averaged across the week. Rest/pauses are also part of a teacher's rostered duty time.

Uploaded 13 June 2018