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NCT lost because of public holidays

With a spate of public holidays falling at the beginning of this term, it's timely to look at when lost non-contact time (NCT) can be claimed back, and when it can't. 

All teachers and school leaders have access to NCT, and this should be replaced if lost as a result of planned school activities, defined as those things that form part of the school calendar and are known, e.g. excursions, school camps, sports carnivals etc.

However, not everything that causes NCT to be lost is included. Those activities regarded as unforeseen, such as evacuations, are excluded, and so are public holidays. As a result, NCT lost on public holidays cannot be reclaimed. 

Also excluded are the accessing of leave entitlements, student free days, and professional development (where requested by the teacher rather than by the school). These are not recognised as a way to repay lost NCT either. 

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Uploaded 9 May 2018