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Recognising experience in the classroom

The QTU won the right to the Experienced Senior Teacher (EST) classification for members in the Certified Agreement (2009). Further wins for members were achieved in the most recent Certified Agreement (2016) that provided for both a reduction in eligibility requirements and a review of the existing EST application process.


To be eligible in 2018, you should be a four year-trained senior teacher who has completed three years (instead of the previous four years) of full-time equivalent service, or a three year-trained senior teacher who has completed six years (instead of the previous seven years) of full-time equivalent service. This was a major win achieved for members by our Union.

If you are a senior teacher and if you are unsure of your eligibility, contact the Payroll Teacher Increment and Classification Team at or on 1300 365 718, stating the nature of your enquiry, your full name and your employee number.

Review of application process

The 2016 Certified Agreement also secured a review of the existing EST application process. The QTU’s advocacy and negotiation in the review process was a direct response to feedback from a broad range of QTU members including teachers, school leaders and panellists. Further to this, the EST review process has led to a more streamlined application process, reducing applicant workload, and aligning the application to the Professional Standards for Teachers.

Application timeline

The next round of EST applications opens on 23 February 2018 and is made via the Queensland Government’s SmartJobs website Applications close on 28 March 2018, and outcomes of EST panels will be released on 29 June 2018.

The QTU is in the process of developing a guide to assist members in the application process. This guide will be available from 23 February. For more information on EST, visit

Uploaded 7 February 2018