Workload Wednesday

Teacher registration

The Queensland Teachers’ Union is proud of our profession, but we are appalled by Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham’s announcement of a national review of teacher registration.

We believe that state school teachers are great school teachers. But the Turnbull government plan undermines state-based teacher registration. It will lower professional standards, allowing unqualified personnel into teaching. We know that if this happens, the result will be increased pressure on our great school teachers and school leaders, and increased workload.

Problem with attracting people to teaching? Try addressing excessive workload!

In Queensland, teacher registration is the responsibility of the Queensland College of Teachers. The QTU is represented on the college board, and QTU advocacy at that level helps to deliver public confidence in the profession, through continued monitoring of the quality of initial teacher education courses and the maintenance of high standards of professionalism. 

This is a crucial point of difference between the college and Australian Institute of Teachers and School Leaders (AITSL): there is no teacher union representation on the AITSL board.

Uploaded 14 February 2018