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Basic guides to working conditions

Our working conditions, whether old or newly won, have been hard-fought for by QTU members across the state, and the Union is committed to ensuring that you get the utmost benefit from them.

That’s why we publish a series of basic guides designed to give you a clear, concise overview of your core conditions, rights and responsibilities under the 2016 enterprise bargaining agreement and the modern award. 

These guides, which cover everything from class sizes, non-contact time and consultation through to your legal rights and leave entitlements, are designed to be used in conjunction with the QTU’s fact sheets, fact checker and information brochures. All of these are being added to and updated all the time, so be sure to check back regularly on the QTU website via the link below for the latest information. 

Visit for basic guides, brochures and fact sheets.

Uploaded 24 January 2018