22 Nov 2017: ALP tops class on education and industrial relations

Each election, the QTU compares the track record and policies of the political parties and seeks commitments on education and industrial relations (IR) in particular. Here’s our assessment.

1 Nov 2017 : Ready! Set! WWAM!

30 Oct 2017: State election: A clear difference in records

The outcomes of state elections are always important to QTU members: they are effectively voting for their employer, a decision which has a direct impact on their working conditions and job security, as well as school resources and funding.

13 September 2017: Two important chances to have your say – brought to you by the Turnbull government

In this issue: Turnbull government’s “Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools” (Note: Timeline extended to 2 November)| Turnbull government’s marriage equality postal survey | Teacher transfers 2017

15 June 2017 : State Budget more information

The QTU has received a full briefing from DET on the 2017-18 budget outcomes and the budget papers have now been subjected to further analysis.

13 June 2017 : State budget

1 Dec 2017: Ban on NAPLAN online and robot marking carried overwhelmingly

At the close of the ballot, more than 20,000 members have had their say ...

10 May 2017 : The federal budget and education: it’s definitely not Gonski

10 Nov 2017: Take action on NAPLAN

3 May 2017: Gonski 2.0 - don't accept a cheap imitation

26 April 2017 : Labour Day - QTU Proud!

19 Jan 2017 : Ensuring your working conditions

Back to industrial basics for 2017 - ensuring that all conditions in certified agreements are implemented in schools

30 August 2017: QTU withdraws support for NAPLAN Online

The Queensland Teachers’ Union State Council has now determined that the QTU will withdraw support for the introduction of NAPLAN Online.