22 Nov 2017: ALP tops class on education and industrial relations

Each election, the QTU compares the track record and policies of the political parties and seeks commitments on education and industrial relations (IR) in particular. Here’s our assessment.

1 Nov 2017 : Ready! Set! WWAM!

30 Oct 2017: State election: A clear difference in records

The outcomes of state elections are always important to QTU members: they are effectively voting for their employer, a decision which has a direct impact on their working conditions and job security, as well as school resources and funding.

13 September 2017: Two important chances to have your say – brought to you by the Turnbull government

In this issue: Turnbull government’s “Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools” (Note: Timeline extended to 2 November)| Turnbull government’s marriage equality postal survey | Teacher transfers 2017

15 June 2017 : State Budget more information

The QTU has received a full briefing from DET on the 2017-18 budget outcomes and the budget papers have now been subjected to further analysis.

13 June 2017 : State budget

1 Dec 2017: Ban on NAPLAN online and robot marking carried overwhelmingly

At the close of the ballot, more than 20,000 members have had their say ...

10 May 2017 : The federal budget and education: it’s definitely not Gonski

10 Nov 2017: Take action on NAPLAN

3 May 2017: Gonski 2.0 - don't accept a cheap imitation

26 April 2017 : Labour Day - QTU Proud!

19 Jan 2017 : Ensuring your working conditions

Back to industrial basics for 2017 - ensuring that all conditions in certified agreements are implemented in schools

30 August 2017: QTU withdraws support for NAPLAN Online

The Queensland Teachers’ Union State Council has now determined that the QTU will withdraw support for the introduction of NAPLAN Online.


29 Nov 2016 : Class sizes in 2017 and the new certified agreement

23 Nov-2016 : Palaszczuk government gives a Gonski

28 Oct 2016 : World Teachers' Day

18 Oct 2016: Transition to new senior schooling system delayed

4 October 2016 : World Teachers Day

16 Sep 2016 :Tell Queensland Government to fight Turnbull’s Gonski cuts

7 Sep 2016 : Members support revised offer

30 Aug 2016: Vote for EB offer - QTU ballot closing soon

Also in this edition: QCAA senior subject syllabus development - have your say | Commercialisation in Public Schooling survey

22 Aug 2016 : Nominations for IPS called

9 Aug 2016 : Salaries in new offer clarified

3 August 2016: Improved government offer to Queensland teachers and principals

On Tuesday 2 August, the Queensland Government approved a new offer to Queensland state school teachers and principals. A ballot of QTU members will be conducted to consider the new offer.

1 August 2016: QTU ballot supporting action

The ballot remains open past the initial closing date of 29 July (because of the late distribution of material to smaller schools) but the support for the three motions is overwhelming.

27 July 2016: Have you voted?

Vote "YES" for action to achieve better pay and conditions

26 July 2016: QTU members win - government to identify core Australian Curriculum and revise C2C to reduce teacher workload

After 18 months of intensive lobbying by the QTU on behalf of members, the state government has announced that a ‘core Australian Curriculum’ will be defined, and accompanying C2C resources will be revised...

15 July 2016 : Vote YES for industrial action for fair pay and conditions

The main unresolved issues | the ECQ Ballot | the QTU Ballot | if a better offer is made?

12 July 2016: EB8 action: vote YES for industrial action for better pay and conditions

21 June 2016 : EB 8 – two votes in term three

In this issue: Your vote can win Gonski | EB8 - two votes in term three | The state budget and superannuation

16 June 2016: 2016-17 State Budget Education and health to benefit

18 May 2016: EB8 formal bargaining commences

In this issue:update on EB8 | Federal election - To Gonski or not? | Superannuation and the federal budget | CIPS research project

6 May 2016: Coalition turns back clock on funding and working conditions

The Federal Coalition’s education policy released on 1 May and its federal budget delivered on 3 May have finally answered two important questions about the current government.

15 April 2016 : Unpacking the Joint Statement on the Purpose and Use of Data in Queensland Schools

13 April 2016 : Labour Day 2016

11 April 2016 : Term 2: Election and EB

23 March 2016 :New joint DET/QTU statement on the purpose and use of data in Queensland schools

newsflash 08 2016

14 March 2016 : Workload and salary feature in final EB8 claim

2 March 2016 : "State of our Schools" - and the state of our award

24 Feb 2016 : QTU support for Queensland Catholic teachers and IEUA-QNT

19 Feb 2016 : Don’t miss your chance to reduce your workload – help identify the core P-10 Australian Curriculum

Give feedback on the implementation of the P-10 Australian Curriculum in QCAA forums and webinars, between late February and early March 2016

4 Feb 2016: EB8 area meetings commence this week

The QTU will this week continue the process of finalising the draft log of claims by consulting with members at area meetings and in conjunction with some branch annual general meetings.

29 Jan 2016: Federal ALP commits to Gonski

21 Jan 2016: Welcome to 2016

In this issue: Australian Curriculum | EB | New joint statements | Recruitment | QCAA senior syllabus learning area reference groups | New leadership team for QTU | Design the QTU's next Labour Day T-shirt


3 Dec 2015 : 2015 in review

In this issue: Australian Curriculum | Workload and joint statements | Rollout of additional teachers | Investing for Success | Review of industrial relations | IPS evaluation | Other achievements | Changes in QTU leadership | Looking forwards

16 Nov 2015 : IPS selection changes a step in the right direction

2016 IPS announced today following a comprehensive selection process based on a new methodology | Have your say on EB8 claim | Survey regarding senior assessment

2 Nov 2015 : Additional student-free day in 2016

22 Oct 2015: Go Gonski green, celebrate and start the EB conversation

Gonski week brought together a number of themes that are central to the work of Queensland’s state school teachers and principals.

14 Oct 2015 : Curriculum update

Revised Australian Curriculum, plus digital technologies in Queensland - Coding and robotics - Education plan

7 Oct 2015 : Qld funding moves toward Gonski model

The Qld Government allocation of federal funding to state schools has moved closer to the model of a base level of funding, plus loadings aimed at overcoming students’ educational disadvantage – that is, the model advocated by the Gonski review of schools funding.

8 Sep 2015 : Changes to IPS nominations and future operations

4 Sep 2015 : Allocation of 875 teachers announced

Over the three years, will more than replace the 519 full-time equivalent teaching positions cut by the previous LNP government from the start of 2013

28 Aug 2015 : Teacher union voice removed in AITSL restructure

The QTU and the AEU have condemned Federal Education Minister's decision to remove the representative voice of teachers and school leaders from the AITSL board and committees.

25 Aug 2015 : Government decisions on senior secondary a good start

The Palaszczuk government’s senior secondary announcement provides a good platform for positive decision-making on a new senior secondary assessment and tertiary entrance system for Queensland.

21 Aug 2015 : Extension of current agreement granted

20 Aug 2015 : Vote for QTU endorsed candidates in QCT board election

The QTU has endorsed two candidates, Alota Lima and Natalie Clarke, in the QCT board election ...

22 July 2015 : Curriculum times to be reviewed

The directive to halt implementation (including familiarisation) of any new learning areas of the Australian Curriculum until further notice is withdrawn. As a result of the Minister’s communication, there is no requirement for any school to implement or begin the process of implementation of any new subject or learning area in 2015.

15 July 2015 : 2015-16 State Budget

In this issue: Promises kept | Education spending | Clarification on Super and LSL and more

23 June 2015 : Education is a right, not a privilege

Also in this issue: Curriculum implementation update | Teacher transfers

25 May 2015 : Reminder - mark National Public Education Day 28 May

13 May 2015 : Gonski campaign restarts as federal budget abandons fair school funding

22 April 2015 : Government moves on award stripping and employment security

The new State Government has taken action to remedy some of the changes to the Industrial Relations Act made by the former LNP government.

25 March 2015 : Individual curriculum plans (ILPs)

When do students require/NOT require an ICP?Who develops an ICP? What happens now?

MARCH 4 : National Day of Action

23 Feb 2015 : QTU Natural Disaster, CQ and Wide Bay Relief

29 Jan 2015 :Education, industrial relations: A clear choice when you vote

21 Jan 2015 : Halt curriculum implementation - take control of your workload

21 Jan 2015 : FAQs on Directive to halt curriculum implementation