Teacher Registration Renewal Process Underway

 [information updated 15 June 2015]

Five years have passed since Queensland teachers were required to renew their teacher registration in accordance with legislative provisions. In July, the Queensland College of Teachers will again initiate a process where 70% of approximately 63,000 fully registered teachers in Queensland will be required to renew their teacher registration by the end of 2015. Many of these teachers are currently teaching in state and non-state schools across Queensland.

The Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) must make a decision to renew or refuse a teacher’s application for renewal after considering a teacher’s criminal history and professional conduct, whether the teacher has met or is meeting requirements of a condition on their registration, (RTT condition) and whether the teacher has met their continuing professional development (CPD) obligations. (20 hours per year for most teachers) 

Teachers will be required to declare new criminal history that has occurred in the last 5 years.

Teachers will be required to show evidence that they have met the CPD requirements. The legislation allows for the completion of a statutory declaration to be submitted to the QCT where sufficient evidence cannot be located to prove a teacher’s attendance at a specific Professional Development opportunity.

The last time that the QCT undertook this process there was no action taken against those teachers who did not meet the CPD requirements. The QCT will conduct a random audit of 1400 teachers from across various teaching sectors to check their CPD records and if the same teachers are still unable to prove that they have completed their CPD requirements, then they will be referred to the Registration Committee, who will make a decision regarding the teachers’ registration. Teachers who are not recommended for full registration following this process will have the right to appeal to the board. Members who are not recommended for full registration should contact the QTU for further advice and assistance.

Teachers identified as needing to renew their registration will be sent an email in mid-July advising that their renewal application form is available in their myQCT Online Services Account. Teachers will be able to ask their Principal/Deputy Principal for information about renewal.

The QCT, in partnership with Queensland Principal Associations, has developed a Teacher Registration Renewal – Toolbox to help principals to answer questions.

The Toolbox includes:  ♦ Infographic  ♦ Renewal guide  ♦ Five-yearly renewal Q & A    ♦ CPD Q & A  ♦ Returning to teaching Q & A

QTU Members are strongly encouraged to actively engage with this process to ensure that their registration is renewed in a timely manner. Teachers whose registration has not been renewed by 31 March 2016 will be removed from the register and unable to teach in state or non-state schools in Queensland from that point.

Key Dates in the Teacher Registration Renewal Process

June 2015
Renewal Toolbox sent by email to Principals

July 2015
Online renewal launched – Teachers advised by email
CPD audit correspondence sent to 1,400 teachers

October 2015
Renewal form and fee notice mailed to teachers who have not completed their renewal application

31 December 2015
Registration end date for approximately 70% of fully registered teachers

January 2016
Reminder email sent to those teachers who have not renewed Restoration notice mailed to those teachers who have not renewed

February 2016
Email to schools where a teacher identified as teaching has not renewed

31 March 2016
Last day teachers with a 31 December 2015 registration end date can restore

April 2016
Notification to teachers and Principals of removal from register