12 Jan 2011 : QTU Natural Disaster Relief

7 Feb 2011 : QTU Natural Disaster Relief (2)

11 May

World Teachers' Day – Friday, 28 October 2011

Since it was first organised in 1994, World Teachers’ Day has celebrated the wonderful role that teaching and teachers play in the community. In whatever ways their contributions are measured, teachers deserve our thanks and our praise. They are worth it.

2 Dec 2011 : QTU position clear on major end-of-year issues (Newsflash 18-11)

Flexible student-free days clarified: 18 November 2011

C2C - Your professional choice: Newsflash 14-11

National Day of Action (No.13-11)

EB7 – Draft claim ready for consultation

The draft claim will be subject to member consultation through branch meetings being conducted across the state this month