14 December 2012 : No.32-12

Enjoy a well deserved break

The Executive, Officers and staff of the Queensland Teachers’ Union would like to thank all members for their tremendous support throughout this year. 2012 saw a change of state government and a subsequent attack on our working and learning conditions that we were able to defeat. This was only achieved with the support of more than 40 000 members motivated by the need to protect what we have fought for over many, many years.

Thank you all and enjoy your holiday break. Be happy, but most of all be safe.

Staffing issue from day one!

class-size-counts2012.gifThe government’s failure to fully fund growth in student enrolments in 2013 will put a lot of pressure on teachers, Principals and schools next year. Having retained the class size targets and other conditions in the certified agreement we must hold the Newman government to account for the commitments they have made to us all. Members will need to be ready to campaign strongly again in 2013 to protect what we have won.

Information about the staffing campaign will be in schools for the beginning of term.

Update your details

Please tell us if you have:

  • retired; 
  • received a transfer;
  • taken leave;
  • changed work fraction; or
  • changed address, phone numbers or added a private email address?

Our ability to do the best for all members is dependent upon having the correct information to communicate with you all.

If you have some time over the vacation you can update your membership details through the QTU member’s portal or write to us via email at qtu@qtu.asn.au.

Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary,
Queensland Teachers' Union,  21 Graham St,  Milton,Q.4064