QTU newsflashes 2013

6 Dec 2013 :Government fails to respond to notions of teacher rankings, student ratings and parent evaluation – QTU members triggered into action

2 Dec 2013 :Teacher rankings, student ratings, parent evaluation – government continues to make education policy on the run!

26 Nov 2013 : Don’t be misled – reject the introduction of teacher rankings by stealth

18 Nov 2013 : Reclaim our profession rally

8 Nov 2013 : Members vote overwhelmingly to protect our profession, as Queensland gets Gonski (sort of...)

5 Nov 2013 : Government attacks your rights and conditions

Industrial relations legislation - Award stripping - Contracts - Industrial action - Powers of QIRC

1 Nov 2013 : Ballot reminder - Further IR changes in Queensland

25 Oct 2013 : World Teachers’ Day 2013

16 October : Ballot for industrial action to protect the profession

The QTU is conducting a ballot of school members to authorise a 24 hour strike if the government proceeds with a number of GT-GR actions that will violate the current EB agreements.

19 Sep 2013 : School closures

Information for members: School closures | Queensland Teachers = Quality Teachers | Update your details

9 Sep 2013 : Gonski - You made a difference

3 September 2013 : If you want Gonski, vote ALP or Greens

Important information for QTU members this election.

27 Aug 2013 : IPS ballots reminder

27 Aug 2013 : IPS ballots reminder

7 Aug 2013 : Queensland Government failed Queensland students

5 August 2013 : QTU activities in schools

New "advice" issued by DETE reveals how the state government's latest changes to IR legislation target unions and their efforts to represent their members ... read the latest Members Newsflash for details.

31 May 2013 :QTU nominees removed from principal selection panels

11 June 2013 : Gonski - the real deal

29 May 2013 :Stand up for your profession - area meetings

22 May 2013 : Member Newsflash

Public Education Day | Save your say campaign | Gonski events | 2013 Teacher transfer update

1 May 2013 : Have you been consulted?

The state government continues to churn out ill-informed announcements with major implications for the working conditions of teachers, without any consultation with the QTU. It's time for you to have your say - organise a workplace meeting to discuss the proposals. For more information, read the latest Newsflash

29 April 2013 : Labour Day 2013 Stand for Queensland, stand with the QTU!

16 April 2013 : Gonski shake-up=potential win for Queensland

15 April 2013 : State government failing Queensland education and teachers?

Rally - Wednesday April 17 - Government risks Gonski reforms - Government Great Teachers = Great Results “Plan” - Actions you can take

28 Mar 2013 : Find time to "give a gonski" during the school holidays

Let's keep up the pressure on the state government to come to an agreement. Also, a petition has been launched calling for the changes to the staffing model to be reversed.

22 Mar 2013 : Congratulations on Gonski week of action

5 Mar 2013 : QTU challenges new PD policy in QIRC

Member Newsflash : PD policy challenged in Qld Industrial Relations Commission | Minister's Gonski back flip

1 Mar 2013 : Gonski action needed now!

Queensland to come up with its own funding model - Queensland Education Minister

8 Feb 2013 : Government yet to hear the message on school staffing

6 Feb 2013 : Teacher professional development - know your rights

29 Jan 2013 : QTU Natural Disaster Relief

Information for QTU members regarding QTU relief and assistance to members affected by natural disasters and DETE grants for lost teaching resources

24 Jan 2013 : QCT introduces new professional standards

This year sees the QCT introduce the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, which will have implications for both provisionally registered and fully registered teachers. Read more ...