27 Nov 2014 :Reminder – have your say in ballot to halt implementation of the Australian Curriculum

12 Nov 2014 : Reclaim the Profession : Halt further implementation of new learning areas in the Australian Curriculum

QTU members are being asked to vote on ceasing further implementation of any new learning areas within the Australian Curriculum.

30 October 2014: Master teachers to be in schools for 2015

27 October 2014 : Representation, reviews and your priorities

10 Oct 2014 : Award stripping threatens working conditions

18 Sep 2014 : Members vote to affirm industrial action and establish Union bargaining priorities

Also in this issue: Education Accord | World Teachers' Day

8 Sep 2014 : Reminder - have your say on QTU bargaining priorities

Thursday, 11 September is the deadline to: submit your professional, industrial and resourcing priorities for Queensland teachers, principals and schools | vote in the ballot

1 Sep 2014 : Next 2.7 percent salary increase to be paid from 1 September 2014

Also in this issue : Current ballot to protect conditions | QTU presidential elections | LOTE

26 August 2014 : New Teacher Performance Review Process

Member Newsflash: A victory for strong member resolve.

20 Aug 2014 : Workplace meetings to develop Union priorities

24 July 2014: Celebrate National Gonski Week 28 July - 3 August 2014

We owe it to our children to improve equity across all Australian schools. That's why, teachers and principals across Australia will celebrate National Gonski Week, a week of activity making the case for a needs-based funding model.

4 June 2014 :“Record Budget” will result in shortfall for education

28 May 2014 : Member Update - Tweak it or Trash it

Tweak it or Trash it? Senior assessment and tertiary entrance review: A valuable opportunity for members to engage.

20 May 2014 : Celebrate and protect public education

30 Apr 2014 : IPS - QTU withdraws support to protect members

Due to the department and government's failure to recognise teachers as key stakeholders in last year's IPS decisions, QTU support is to be withdrawn for the program...

22 Apr 2014 : QTU Natural Disaster Relief (NQ members)

The past couple of weeks have been extremely difficult for those QTU members living in North Queensland, with many affected by Cyclone Ita ...

1 Apr 2014 : Government attempts to bring forward award stripping process for QTU members

In this issue: Govt attempts to bring forward award stripping process | Contracts for doctors | Doctors' dispute | Principal contracts | Departmental EB Appeal - TAFE | Legislative changes relating to TAFE | Have your say in the QTU survey

27 Feb 2014 : Your union, your say

21 Feb 2014 : Teaching conditions under threat through award modernisation

11 Feb 2014: Great results guarantee

The distribution of federal schools funding in Queensland, known as the Great Results Guarantee (GRG) - the positives, the negatives, the uncertainties and the timelines

29 Jan 2014 : Gonski campaigners deliver for all Queensland state schools

23 Jan 2014 : Performance Review Update

Latest member news including : Performance Review Update | Great Teachers = Great Results | 125 years of achievement | QTU App | Other announcements