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Queensland Teachers' Journal

July 2015

Editorial: Gonski campaign starts a new phase

The Gonski campaign enters a new phase from the start of term three, with the appointment of 18 coordinators in targeted federal seats, including five in Queensland.

From the President: Gonski still the key to Australia’s education future

The leaking of options for the control and funding of education from the Reform of the Federation Green Paper discussion paper reveals the true devilishness of the Abbott government’s education policies..

Teacher registration renewal process under way

Five years have passed since Queensland teachers were required to renew their teacher registration in accordance with legislative provisions.

The Parenthood

The Parenthood is a national not-for-profit advocacy organisation empowering parents to campaign on government and business policy that affects them and their children’s lives.

From the VP: Know your rights, and feel empowered!

By knowing their rights, members can feel empowered to assert their professionalism and work with colleagues to resist unreasonable pressures.

Local Gonski coordinators appointed

As part of the national AEU campaign to secure support for full Gonski funding and needs-based distribution in the lead-up to the federal election, local coordinator roles in identified federal electorates have been established.

Only a genuine community campaign will secure Gonski

A campaign only achieves real power when the issue is widely and deeply felt.

Remote schools doing great work

June saw a QTU delegation visit four remote Aboriginal community schools.

IPS evaluation process nears completion

A panel has been formed by the Education Minister to conduct an evaluation of the IPS scheme.

QTU Biennial Conference 2015

The 111th QTU Biennial Conference was held in Brisbane at the start of the school holidays.

Annual classification review changes for school leaders

The department has changed the way it undertakes an annual classification review of principal and other promotional teaching positions to determine the banding, in accordance with the Terms of Reference within s5.3.8 of the Teachers’ Award – State.

QTU returns to principal selection panels

After a two-year enforced absence, QTU representatives have returned to principal selection panels.

National TAFE Day comes to Canberra

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 120 No 5, 17 July 2015, p21 : On National TAFE Day, TAFE teachers and union representatives from around Australia took advantage of the occasion to lobby federal politicians in Canberra about the real state of VET.

ACTU Congress adopts union charter: Building a Better Future

The triennial ACTU Congress, the supreme decision-making body of the collective Australian union movement representing 1.8 million union members, was held in Melbourne from 26-28 May.

Teacher accommodation: frequently asked questions

Common problems with teacher housing.

Unpacking the Joint Statement on Collegial Engagement in Classrooms

The Joint Statement on Collegial Engagement in Classrooms is not about assessing teacher performance. The purpose is to provide collegial feedback to teachers to assist reflection on, and improvement in, their professional practice.

Beginning teachers: Conference and the importance of getting involved!

Do you want to know more about the issues that you face as a new or beginning teacher? 

Legal: Ethics and law for teachers

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 120 No 5, 17 July 2015, p.28


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