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Parent/teacher interviews

As schools prepare to conduct parent/teacher interviews, it’s timely that members know their obligations in providing information to parents on student progress. 

The Education Act (2006) requires schools to provide two written reports to parents per year and two opportunities to meet with teachers face to face each year. 

Schools have established procedures in place for parent/teacher interviews. One of these opportunities may be in the form of a parent/teacher interview evening where interviews are conducted face-to-face. 

When these events are held outside of rostered duty time, attendance cannot be made compulsory.

However, it is not unreasonable of a school to request that teachers arrange alternative times for parents to discuss their child’s educational performance. In this case, parent/teacher interviews may be conducted by telephone.

This assists teachers in maintaining an effective work/life balance, as well as meeting the reporting requirements of schools.

Uploaded 2 May 2018